Tuesday, May 31, 2011

True Prospect Fire

For anyone who procrastinates the start of their workday at eventingnation.com like I do, you've already heard of the beyond tragic fire at Boyd Martin's facility.   For those of you who don't (whether it's because you're working or procrastinating somewhere else..), Boyd and Silva Martin's gorgeous True Prospect Farm suffered a catastrophic loss after an electric fire took down the top barn on the property.

There are a few tragedies that loom large in owners heads.  In fact, just last night I had a really spectacularly stressful trailer accident dream that resulted in jackknifing the trailer off the side of the road and watching it twist down a ravine while I screamed myself hoarse. 

Few things are as terrifying to me as trailer accidents or fires where the scope and magnitude of the situation make our large and magnificent horses seem fragile and trapped.

My heart goes out to Boyd and his entire team today.  While terrifying events like this are never easy for anyone, I can only imagine the grief and sorrow associated with the loss of one of our top programs and all of the love, talent and potential that goes with it.  Prayers to the horses who were saved and are recovering at New Bolton... Neville Bardos is among them.

If your horse is closer than a 2 hour car/ferry drive, give them an extra big hug and enjoy them today.  P will have to settle for some love via email.


  1. Those things never fail to send shivers own my spine. I feel for those who have lost in tragic accidents like these, but remain grateful that (at least this time) it wasn't me. My childhood friend lost her barn (and her horse) in a fire, and has never owned one since. Scary stuff.

  2. Barn fires are one of the reason I don't like to stall my horses and I'm so glad I'm not in a situation where that is necessary. Sending my thoughts out to those who were affected by this. So sad.


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