Friday, May 20, 2011

SLOW - Mare grazing...

P, heading the speed limit...
Yesterday I enjoyed this warmer weather with Miss P out at the barn.  We had a nice lunge session whereby trotting at anything more than a sedated jog appeared to be far too difficult in the raging 67 degree heat.

I didn't mind P's laziness, as the BO was giving her 18 year old son a lunge line lesson at the other end of the ring.  Apparently he's "learning dressage" for his senior project in high school, so for the next 3 weeks he's taking lessons twice a day and somehow the BO managed to convince him that feeding and cleaning stalls is a critical part of the process. :)

When the lesson was over, I unhooked P and let her wander loose.  Apparently the sleepy jog was all an act and she let it rip.  Holy hell, I haven't seen her move like that in a WHILE.  She was full on moving.  Galloping long sides, slide stops, spinning, bucking, galloping...(This mare does not look neurologic in the slightest...) Of course it only took about 2.4 minutes for her to exhaust herself at which point she (in typical fashion) wandered over to me and just stuck her face under my arm (cute mare).

We cooled out working on our halterless groundwork and then I let the mare graze.  We had to be a bit creative since the paddocks were sprayed with moss killer and are apparently still totally toxic (ew).

Pia settled for a strip of grass along the driveway and we hung out until the flies got too bothersome and a horse eating weed eater threatened our safety (so she thought).

Today we enjoy even better weather so the mare gets a bath before her big trip tomorrow!  The ride is 20 minutes longer if we drive around Puget Sound instead of taking a ferry across it.  Part of me feels like the 20 minutes is worth saving the ferry ticket...  but how cute would it be to get a picture of Pia on a boat!

I frigging love where I live
Makes me think of that Lyle Lovett song.. 
                           If I had a boat I'd go out on the ocean
                          And if I had a pony, I'd ride it on my boat...
I'm a nerd I know.

Anyway, the trailer guy just called and we have a fully tuned trailer with new brakes and freshly packed bearings all set for the trip.  P will be fluffed and buffed and there's just a few things left to grab..
I will miss this barn


  1. Good Luck on your move/trip/move!

  2. So sad leaving. It will be worth it though because you're off to greater adventures. :D I'll keep my fingers crossed for a safe, boring trip.

  3. Nice shoes! I digress. I hate that feeling. I always feel like I'm offending someone, even if it's nothing personal, and everyone's on the same page and fully understands. I'd say good luck withthe trip, but it seems I'm a few days late. Hope all went well! We'll miss you, miss Pia.

  4. Haha, love the flats with the saddle. Hope all went well.


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