Monday, May 16, 2011


1.77" could refer to how far I've ridden my horse this month.


1.77" could be how high we've jumped (whee!)

But unfortunately, It's the amount of rain that Seattle racked up on Saturday.  Doesn't sound like much? It is.  In fact, it's only one hundredth of an inch away from how much rain we're supposed to get over the whole MONTH of May.

ew.  Squishy, soggy, ew...

Needless to say, the mare stood in the rain the entire time and just watched everything going on.  She's insistent on making friends with the new boy in the barn, but little does she know that I plan on separating them before love can even blossom.

Not much to report on the mare.  She's wet, I'm wet, the barn is wet.  Everything is wet.  Although the forecast has sunshine and SEVENTY degrees slated for Friday and Saturday, so we should have great weather for packing up and hauling out. 

Today we play, maybe we'll go for a walk - assuming the rain lets up for more than two minutes.



  1. Nasty rain. We got nowhere near that much and it's still total slop around here right now.

  2. I'm so sorry for you guys on the NW coast right now. We had our share of wet too, but nothing like that. It can't last forever...right? :)

  3. Yuck! I've had my fill of rain for the whole year lol! I'm glad the weather will be nice for the packing and stuff though. That's a relief. :)


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