Friday, May 13, 2011

Crazy, Flaming, Happy Mare

I haven't forgotten about the mare.  But blogger has been making it hard to share that fact.

Frankly, the recent "downtime" from bloggerland has made me painfully aware how often I distract myself with everyone's updates and stories.  Facebook I can take or leave in a second... but apparently I go through severe withdrawals if blogger goes down for more than 12 hours. :)

Anyway, back to Mare:

Mare is fine.  She's still shedding - I informed her days are about to start getting shorter again, so she might as well stop, but she was too focused on the new gelding in the barn to even pretend that she even knew I was there.

I kept track of her first two cycles since going off the Regu-Mate, but lost track after that.  However, I can confidently report that the mare is in full on heat, and cycling with the best of them.  The BO's new gelding (who is a total hottie-patottie) really had no interest in Miss P, but she was not to be deterred.  She damn near ripped the cross ties off trying to reverse until she was in front of his stall again.  (hussy)

Anyway, I groomed the shedding beast up, took her to the ring and let her rip.  She about bounced OUT of her halter as I was taking it off and proceeded to hop, buck, fart, squeal, and shriek for a full twenty minutes before even noticing that I was still in the ring.  I'm serious.  She actually stopped, turned, spooked at me, then walked over and nuzzled my arm like "oh hi, didn't see you"

Weird horse.

I threw her on the lunge for a few transitions, did a little bit of ground work (for posterity) and called it a day.

mare is clearly more interesting in ANYTHING but me.

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  1. Ugh! This post reminds me why I don't care for mares (to own, I love Pia). I'm glad she's doing well. I go into withdrawal over blogger too. It's been awful lol!


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