Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Perils of Making Lists

In an attempt to calm myself down and breathe normally when contemplating everything that needs to happen in the next 7 days OMG, I started making lists.

I made a list of things that must be done at work (BORING)

I made a list of things that need to happen at the loft (TEDIOUS)

I made a list of things that need to be done at the new house before I can move in (EXCITING BY TOTALLY OUT OF MY CONTROL)

and I made a list of things that I need to remember/do for Miss Pia and her Big Adventure. (DOABLE)

The lists were even pretty decent.  Unfortunately I mixed them up and didn't realize it until I was at the loft with Mom and she pulled out my list...

"sweetheart, where are the pads? also, do we still need to vacuum out your locker?"

Oops.  Turns out lists are only helpful if you have the one you want.

Oh well.

Today I pack up my pads, tack, and vacuum out my locker.  The rest of the blankets, wraps, and random junk will come with me when I pick the mare up on Saturday.

Two days!

1 comment:

  1. Aww! I've done that. Made the most amazing list and then left it home hehe. I'm sure everything will get done even if it feel overwhelming and disorganized. Keep up the great work!


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