Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 In Rewind (oops I forgot to post this)

2011 was quite the ride (literally).  P and I struggled a bit more than I would have liked, but we also saw some wonderful changes and put ourselves on a good path.  Here's a quick recap of what exactly we managed to do:

January 2011
We got off to quite the start when P finally threw me into the wall as a rather loud protest to trot work.
P, wondering what the hell I'm doing on the ground in a lump
so the mare got thrown on Regumate.
My back kept me out of commission for a while, but Super-Mom came up and saved the day (again) proving that P was capable of not being a total mare-wolf
worked well for Supermom..
We continued on, P got shoes put back on, I got an air vest (thanks Dad!) and we played in the snow.  I got in a fight with the BO, and we took P for a field trip to go ride at SuperMom's
Total field trip success.
We got back to work (in our air vest) on the buckle.  P was a lover, tried hard and we moved forward.  P was my valentine.
The Barn had some fun tack room upgrades (love) and added slow feeders (also love)
P started some body work, which seemed to help her attitude under saddle and we played in the snow (again).
P tried to eat her farrier, caused a general ruckus at the barn, and was a gem under saddle
We stayed on the buckle and focused on forward.  sometimes we got it.
We prepared to come off the Regumate high and see how P was.  She was.. the same.  Still sticky, still unhappy undersaddle and still... totally sound.
The barn had a baby, a CCI**** eventer moved in and P started throwing shoes.
In an attempt to find out what was making P unhappy, we had a full physical... and she passed with flying colors.  Yay for a healthy horse, boooo for a continuing mystery.

We got a second opinion and found our new vet.  It rained. it rained some more.  We decided to move P to Summer Camp.  It rained some more.  I bought boots for a horse I wasn't riding. It rained.  P and I hand walked, grazed and worked on Targeting.
 (it rained some more).  P looked like a tank
we dropped her off and I said goodbye
P adjusted to life at Camp and started her work of playing with others
after not even a month, the bodywork and hoofcare was showing itself in massive muscle changes on P
we have withers!
P doesn't understand why she's so dirty, but she's did great.
P worked on being in the herd and on her ground work.  Even The Boy had his turn:

P learned how to be a trail horse and was ponied allllll over the place.  I got to ride Wendy :)
eventually she started getting ridden on the trails.  (big P!)

Dad flew me to see P (cute as ever) and we went for a trail ride.
P is doing great on trails, and getting more forward but still hates saddles
P gets lots and lots (and lots) of bodywork.

P gets good at her join up work, and I don't need a halter!
we go for lots of trail rides, I make a tack section in my garage and... MOUNTAIN TRAIL ADVENTURE
P gets ridden in a field, walked across bridges, and investigated ditches

Oh yeah, and I RODE MY HORSE AGAIN.  Out in a big field, yahoo!
we had a really. good. outing.

and the boy had fun too...


Life got in the way and I hardly saw my horse (sad).  But I did see her and P started working more under saddle with harder questions. Creeks, patience, beaches.. all very exciting.
Also, we got a cat and I found old pictures of my first pony.

I start seriously horse hunting, the dog is diagnosed with Wobblers and I RIDE P ON THE BEACH
P even goes for a night ride on the beach (without me) and starts to spend some of the nights with the herd.  She looks like a yak, but her feet are fantastic (and 2 sizes larger than 6 months ago) and she is adorable.

Oh yeah, and we added Prairie to the mix.  (just barely squeaked that one into 2011)
Whew.  I feel great about what's teed up for 2012.  Hopefully its more riding with both the mares.  Onward we go.
Happy New Year


  1. Wow,I just caught up and Prairie Girl is just gorgeous! I missed what breed she is.
    And where are you going in Africa? My younger sister lives in Cape Town, South Africa and its just insanely gorgeous there!

  2. I'm so excited for you! The year started off rough, but you found a solution and stuck it out. Kudos girl. I'm so looking forward to reading more about both mares in the year to come. :D


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