Monday, January 30, 2012


The weekend down south with the new mare (P2) was fantastic.  Or at least it was mostly fantastic.

The Boy was fantastic.
The mare was fantastic
Our dinner out was fantastic.
Even the road-trip candy we indulged in was... fantastic.

Not so fantastic?  My ability to ride.  Both lessons left a LOT to be desired in terms of my muscle tone, timing and general ability to be more effective than a loose sack of potatoes on Prairie's back.

I'll go into further details later, but suffice it to say that my "claw" of a left hand is back (Why I think that grabbing, pulling and clenching my left rein is ever a solution, let alone a universal one is beyond me).  Also, I still can't quite walk normally due to my death grip half halts that were an attempt to stifle any actual movement on the mare's part.

But, other than that - Fantastic!

She really is a super sweet mare.  A super simple, super sweet, super fricking huge mare.  But that we already knew.

note: I'm 5'11".  mare is BIG
Total lover-doll. 

More on my totally embarrassing lessons to come! I even have crappy video (The Boy forgot his fancy new camera... so iphone will have to suffice) assuming I can get the courage to publicly display the dismal, dismal state of my skilz.

So things still to come:
  1. More details on the terrible-horrible-riding
  2. News on the Trailer front (we went shooopppppinnnnng)
  3. A random rant.  I ran into my old BO and felt very blown off.  I'm trying to determine why this is irritating me so much.  But it is.


  1. This is like a teaser blog. Details, girl! We need details!

  2. Agreed! A tease! I'm in the same position. I moved out of town and try to keep in touch with my old trainer (who is actually my age) and she could give a shit about me. It REALLY makes me mad! I mean what the heckkkkk. Can't wait to hear about the trailers! woop! exciting stuff!

  3. Oooh, trailer shopping! Pictures! We want PICTURES!

    As to your lessons/ride... I know how you feel. Riding those big, lovely gaits is hard. It comes back, it really does. Clearly, more fantastic weekends with fantastic dinners and road trips are in order. ;)

  4. I didn't know you were my height! Cool!

    BBM is positively GORGEOUS! If she were a gelding I would totally steal her from you. ;D

    Don't worry so much about your riding. You haven't been on a horse in ages.


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