Friday, January 20, 2012

Seattle Snowpocolypse!!!

The years I spent on the East Coast have made me somewhat cynical to Seattle's totally panicked response to even the threat of snow, but the perpetual kid in me totally leaps at the flimsiest excuse to have a snow day (or three).

It appears that P shares my sentiment and has been thoroughly enjoying the unusually frosty weather out at Summer Forever Camp..

My vet was kind enough to send the following short video of her frolicking with her new BF (really P... a Paint gelding who's shorter than you???? come on..) and included the note that she has come into a "very polite heat."

I've never known that mare to be polite about anything, let alone coming into heat - but I guess we all get a bit jollier with an unexpected snow day.

Even cooler?? Here's the entire herd galloping around in the snow... This makes me want to move to colorado, live in the mountains and have a herd of awesome mustangs...

I also apologize for my total blog absence... between the wedding and the snow the last two weeks have absolutely evaporated into a champagne induced,  dance fueled dream.  I'll be sure to pass along some pics as they come for those who want a non-horsey-bridal fix.

much love!


  1. Have been anxiously awaiting your return. So glad your wedding went well and it looks like Pia is having a ball in the snow! Hope Forever Camp doesn't last forever

  2. That is a super video. If you move to Colorado, I will subscribe to your youtube account. Deal?

    PS Looking forward to pics. Bet the wedding was amazing.

  3. Awesome videos! I love watching horses run together like that.

    I want to see wedding pictures too!!


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