Thursday, January 26, 2012

Uneventful Update (and a new blog)

So I canceled my trip to see P yesterday (wah, waaaaah) due to ice and a few other inconvenient factors.  I'd be totally inconsolable if it weren't for the promise of an upcoming horsey filled weekend.

I'm proud to say that I successfully convinced conned The Boy into making an overnight trip to go see Prairie (YAY) in order to get a few lessons in and try to come up with a Short Term Plan (STP) for her.  Realistically all that means is that I need to start seriously thinking about whether or not we're ready to head down to CA for a few shows in March or if I just want to save my dollars and bring her closer to home.  (of course "saving" is a relative term since her training and board right now are as cheap as can be).

Nevertheless, the prospect of riding the new mare again and staying in a mediocre hotel (with cable!) sounds tantalizing.  So I'll take it.  I'm crossing my fingers for some greasy pub food as well, but I don't want to be too greedy.

Also, Sunday, I have tickets to go see Cavalia.  I saw the show once about five years ago when it rolled through town the first time and I loved it.  It's like Cirque du Soliel but with horses! lots and lots of horses... what's not to love about that!?

Months ago when I bought the tickets for this weekend, I was thrilled to make The Boy join me, but after two days of watching me ride, errr... taking nonstop pictures, video and providing snacks... I figure he deserves a pardon, so I'm taking a horsey friend with me instead.  Probably for the best. :)

Also, in an attempt to not adulterate this blog with too much non-horsey crap, I've finally decided to start a separate blog for the rest of my life.  Mostly focusing on my attempts to be a functional housewife, which means it'll be full of my frustrations about cooking and cleaning as well as my not so eloquent ramblings about travels, shopping (ugh) and whatever else fills my day (with the possible exception of work, because let's face it - work is relatively boring).

So, if you feel so inclined, take a peek at Shamelessly Suburban.  I'll likely keep the wedding recaps confined to that space (otherwise P (and P?) will beat me), but I'll be sure to let everyone here know when I have more pics!

Wonderful.  So, to recap:

1) New blog = better outlet for my domestic frustrations


= Weekend Fantastico


  1. Love your new blog. Very fun!

    Also, this weekend sounds amazing. How ever did you talk that boy into spending actual time with ponies? Amazing.

  2. LUCKY!! I want to see Cavalia! :D I'll definitely check out your new blog. Sounds good. Can't wait to hear more about your weekend.


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