Friday, January 27, 2012

Blanket Buys

By nature our construction-ish business slows waaaaaaay down in the winter, which leaves me with far too much time to shop for myself, my house and... naturally.... the horses.

Big Black Mare got an initial Pessoa medium turnout to keep her toasty, so I was giddy to see a markdown on the coordinating turnout sheet.  Since our weather tends to be more mild than not, and I'm a total sucker for things that match - I immediately justified the purchase and am thrilled that her blanket rack will be so matchy-matchy. 

Prairie is currently rocking the Navy Plaid, which I think will look decent on her.  I've never had a black horse, and while my normal fashion sense things that blue & black tends to look like an 1980's bachelor pad... I don't want her to have P's purple, and the other blanket options weren't well suited to dark horses (no Olive Green thank you very much..).
Pessoa's Navy Plaid... oddly difficult to find a picture of
The mare also got a new set of pillow wraps and standing bandages, because her legs are freakishly long and nothing I have was tall enough for her hinds.

Also, because I apparently cannot keep my visa in my wallet, I got BBM a copy of P's fleece blanky that doubles as her trailer sheet and sometimes a cooler.  The thought of them matching in their cute plaid is adorable.
 Of course The Boy had to (unhelpfully) point out that the mares are hundreds of miles apart and once again mentioned that even if they were  in the same place, we still don't have a trailer to haul them both in at the same time while they wear their little matching sheets.

Party Pooper.

Happy Weekends!


  1. So does that mean he's hinting at you guys getting a trailer...ahem? *For the record I think black horses look terrific in blue!

  2. I have a shopping problem also. I think Pippi has more blankets then me but sadly it all doesn't match.

  3. I've always wanted one of those Pessoa blankets but Prince stubbornly treats his blankets with so much care I can't justify buying a replacement one for him. I'm a sucker for plaid though!

  4. Ooooh, plaid. How I love it! How lovely it looks on your mares!

    Maybe a matching plaid saddle pad too? ;)

  5. He's not a party pooper--that is clearly a plea for a new trailer. Der.

  6. I love the matching blankes, even if they aren't close now they may be at some point.

    Also, you have an award on my blog!

    Adventures In Colt Starting

  7. Oh my goodness!!! I have no need for one, but I wish I had the navy plaid for Chrome! His color is a royal blue, but the navy is so cute! BBM will look awesome in it. :D


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