Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Hey Girl" in Real Life

There's a fine line between bragging outright and "appreciating what you've got."  I've learned (sometimes not so gracefully) that there are acceptable things to outwardly celebrate "My spouse is loving and supportive!" "My horse is sound!" "I got a promotion!" "It's SUMMER!"

And then there are things that people are less interested in hearing "My four year old horse is schooling is already schooling Fourth Level!" "Man, I'm running out of space for all my fabulous tack!" "Oh this? This is just another prototype CWD sent me, gosh I already have so many of these things..." etc, etc and so on.

I know I'm probably flirting with the line here, but I'm pretty sure that since I am totally-completely-entirely aware of how bass ass my husband is with the horse thing, I might as well share it.

Oh yeah, and we're on vaca this week, so since I'll have no horsey updates (aside from stalking River Grove Farm for a glimpse of Brentina out in pasture...) I leave you with these - A series of my own "Hey Girl" moments with my one and only Boy.  Shamelessly stolen from Marissa's clever Ryan Reynolds , but hopefully with the added twist of... well, being true (mostly).

Don't hate me.  And yes - I will hire him out on a per show basis. :)


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  1. I can tell I'm going to like this series. :D And don't feel bad for bragging! It's your blog!!!


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