Saturday, June 30, 2012

About Darn Time! (omgomgomg)

While flipping though the latest issue of USDF Connection, aside from learning that the only thing between me and a 80% score at second level is a killer shoulder-in, my gaze landed on a not too flashy, half-page ad:

It might not look like much, but there, at the bottom of the page, was the link I search for (compulsively) every few months:


My German is.... non-existent, and while I can click myself around the English version of the German Site, I hate not being able to understand what it is I'm looking at and it just is not that useful of a web-design.  Particularly because even though I'm pretty sure I wouldn't click "add to cart,"  It annoys me that an option to purchase isn't there just in case I magically found $800 in the couch cushions for a new bridle...

But now we have our own us website!!  With an online store! In Ennnnggggglishhhhhh!  With shipping to the Staaates!.

Mind you, right now you can only purchase London 2012 themed belts (not exactly how I will blow $465), but we are led to believe that come August, they will have a more full offering of OS products.  I find this damn near titillating.

My visa is already recoiling in fear....

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