Saturday, February 9, 2013

Just Baucher-ing Around

I tried a new bit on Prairie today and so far... So good.
I've considered trying a Baucher on her for a while. It's a thought that's popped in and out of my head usually during particularly heavy or stiff rides but my brain consistently moves onto other pressing issues such as what type of taco I should have for lunch or when the last time I checked tackoftheday was....
Ergo, I always forgot to ask around for an extra baucher to borrow or to keep an eye peeled for one on sale (not for lack of perusing sale sites for other un-necessities..). But, while picking up some rice bran (and bags of treats) last week I saw that the feed store had all of their Myler bits on sale and they happened to have the Myler Baucher in Prair's size.

I wasn't especially considering a Myler bit, but it was in front of me and I had an empty hand so I snapped it up and checked out.
The bit sat in my locker for a couple days making today the first time I actually gave it a try. My thinking was that Prairie seems to really like the Pelham and responds well to the poll pressure but gets a little claustrophobic in it if she gets really strong or freaked out.
The Baucher seemed like a good middle ground, and worth trying.
Prairie had a quiet eye so I expected a good, solid hack, but as soon as I took up the contact I really liked what I felt.
P2 was soft, lifted in her shoulder and loose through her jaw. I rode outside, so there were a few opportunities for Prairie to spook at the scary end, zoom around and get heavy/long down the long sides- but she never did
Prairie had one small scoot in response to a bunny in the grass, but she hit the bit, sucked back and relaxed faster than normal.. So that was a good test - none of the Pelham panic I've felt I similar situations.
The rest of the ride was great. We worked some shoulder in, haunches in, zig-zag leg yields and canter transitions. All we lovely encouraging me to quit after about 25 minutes with big pats and some of the treats I remembered to buy.
Tomorrow I think I'll try the Baucher over fences and hope for a similar result.
Fingers crossed!! Anyone else ever played with the Myler?

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  1. Interesting, I've never tried a Baucher, but I wonder how Jetta would like it. Also, you said that it couldn't be used for dressage, but the rules say that level 1 and 2 Mylers can be used in dressage, even though they all have the little copper inlays?

    1. You're right about the inlays! I did some googling and confirmed that the copper inlays and bushing mouthpiece are legal.... But low ports are still illegal and brilliant as I am I cannot recal if the bit I got is ported or just curved. Bah. Will confirm tomorrow. But either way I liked the first ride!!

  2. I've always loved Mylar comfort snaffles and know of several people who have had great luck with their combo bits. Their bitting philosophy and design makes a lot of sense to me, however, every horse is different and likes different things!

  3. I've always wanted to try my old gelding, Roz, in a Baucher but haven't ever bought one. That's cool that it seemed to work for ride number #1.

  4. I love my mare in myler bits. I have tried a few different ones over the years and she has always done better in them.

  5. I have never used a Myler, but a lady I met at the working eq clinic a few weeks ago swears by them. Apparently the small port and the fact that the sides move independently offer a lot of tongue relief, and the bit doesn't hit the horse in the roof of the mouth. She's had several horses improve dramatically using Myler bits and had nothing but good to say about them. I haven't used them because many of them are not legal in dressage, and I can't say that any of my boys have given any indication that they don't like their french link snaffles. But as Stephanie said, every horse is different and likes different things - if it works for Prairie, awesome!

  6. Cool! I always wanted an excuse to try one, but haven't come up with one yet. Glad it's working for you.

  7. I LOVE the 3 ring combo bit meyler has to offer but at over $100 I can't afford it. We get to rent them from our local tack store though and as soon as I can I'm going to buy it! For some reason they just work. I used a regular Baucher on my pony and to me it seemed kind of like cheating in dressage, but it helped him relax at the poll more than a regular snaffle.


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