Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snaps from the Day...

My daily posts belie the fact that work has kept me away from the barn this week.  How it is that all regional meetings, charity boards and networking groups all pick the same calendar week to schedule major events I'm not sure.  But it seems to happen with shocking regularity.  Anyway, I'm busy enough to totally lack interesting content, but not so busy as to not blab endlessly about it.

Therein lies the magic of a blog.  No pesky editors red lining inane posts and no serious accountability for being interesting.

I forgot to post some of the snapshots from the show in my last couple of posts, so here's a dump.  There was a photographer on site, but I looked at her website and it didn't exactly inspire confidence in either the quality of the shots nor the promptness with which they will be posted, so I've got what The Boy felt inspired to shoot and that's about it...

Exiting the Back Gate
warm up
Prairie worries about horses walking around behind her.  It's sorta cute.

good mares get treats
Perpetual Towel Duty


  1. Hm. I do like that bridle. So wish Cuna's dainty face could pull it off.

    Love the shots!


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