Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"worst" round from the weekend (a comparison)

Hands down, our second warm up class (at 2'6") was Prairie's most tense class at the show last weekend.  She wasn't naughty but she was a little tight and wasn't at her most willing in terms of balancing and she certainly did not care what the hell lead she was on.

I thought S managed to squeak out a nice "school" from the round which apparently was effective since the mare gave subsequently better efforts in her next classes.  It's interesting to me that the "fussy" round wasn't her first... and wasn't her last... it was sorta smack in the middle.  Not sure if that's a fluke or not, but I made my little mental note and it will be interesting to see if that is the case again at another outing.

Anyway, for funsies I thought I'd post the 2'6" ride and also re-post a link to a 2'6" ride from last September.   Because who doesn't like to watch me zoom around a hunter ring at mach 5. I really should have popped over to the jumper ring and still made time when we zoom-trotted between fences...

Last weekend:

Last September:

Man.  I forgot how pissed I was during that round.  Whoops. talk about transmitting negative energy.. We had some okay moments (and I mean brief ones) during our show in September, but not much more than that.  Six months does seem to make a bit of a difference!


  1. You're doing such a fabulous job with her. :D

  2. She's so much better. Interesting idea comparing the worst videos, haha. I don't think I have the gumption to put our bad videos on the internet. I just delete them. ;)

    Good thing about Ms Prair: even when she's bad, she's very, very pretty.

  3. Well, I think she had great moments in both rides! I can understand your frustration in the older one but she did show some moments of "getting it" regardless. It looks like a very nice progression to me! Easier to see in hindsight than in the moment though, isn't it?


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