Monday, February 18, 2013

Just when you commit to a decision...

Horses do a fantabulous job of causing you to question it.

Saturday I had a fairly nice hack on P2 after her gallopy-gallopy-jump sesh on Friday and since the sun continued to shine she got turned out without any clothing at all.  I tried to steal Pia's blanket too, but after she attempted to cow kick and then bite me I decided the grumpy beast could roast if she wanted to.

Anyway, right after I left the barn S snapped this pic of the two mares enjoying the sunshine and grooming each other.  I've never seen Prairie groom with anyone before and the only horse I've heard of Pia grooming with in the three years I've known her was her asshole boyfriend at Summer Camp. 
S's "behind the dumpster paparazzi shot" of the girls being nice to each other
It's a little heartbreaking to know that just when I decide to take P elsewhere the two girls really are good buddies.   I know that Prairie will get another turnout buddy, and that Pia will have the mini herd-lette, but sometimes it takes horses a while to find the right friend who they can scratch backs with. 

At least I know they (mostly) enjoyed their time at the same barn together...

Also leading the Irony News - The Boy talked me into parking the trailer at the barn, especially for show season when we seem to dart around a bit more with the horses.  I emailed my Barn Manager and was (sadly) told "no more trailers were being accepted due to upcoming construction."

Of course, me being me once I decided I really wanted to pay $50 for the privilege of parking my trailer on site, I was immediately frustrated that it was no longer an option.  After a few back and forths - including my suggestion that if we just parked everyone's trailer straight there would be more than enough room for two if not three more rigs without expanding the parking area... I was told that I could try parking my trailer over on the neighboring property where the BM lives.  It's a tricky spot (an angled, parallel parking, sorta jammed under the tree, situation) But I'm going to give it a go.  If I can wiggle the rig into it without ripping my hair out, then I'll take it. 

(for the record this new spot would also double in size if I scooted the owner's trailer over 8' but I don't think I'm allowed to).

Bah, barn politics.  At least they are letting me try out this makeshift spot, I do appreciate the consideration...


  1. Aw. Little mare love fest. Bummer about the trailer deal. Go figure that they would not accept more once you decided you wanted a spot. Hope the makeshift spot works out!

  2. Those two are so cute together! I know it's sad to split them up, but imagine... no more screaming when you separate them. :D Horses are adaptable and they will make new friends.

    That's awful about the trailer situation! I hope the new spot works out....


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