Thursday, April 1, 2010

Always Something..

When horses are involved, it's always something, right?

Yesterday I forgot my video camera, which bummed me out since a) Pia did RAD over lots of poles. single poles, 3 poles, 4 poles, poles with standards on the sides. she's a ground pole machine.   and b) she pulled her "i'm done" trick again, which was quickly and repeatedly remedied with a swift pop with a crop, which was fun watching her figure out.

All in all it was a good lesson. Walk, trot, canter, poles, bending, very little in the way of arguments. Also, she spent almost the entire lesson in front of my leg which felt GREAT.  No more sucking back, we've got a solid feel of our aids now... woo-hoo!

I'm all set to go out again today, but the lesson has been postponed since S is currently reattaching two ends of her collarbone that have split up after an unfortunate run in with a car.  WTF.  I'm thankful its a collarbone and not a spinal cord, but still not fun for her. :(

SO, we'll see. I'll hack the Piasaur today, give her tomorrow off, then play all weekend with the beast.  Hopefully S is feeling better and put us back under her watchful eye soon. :)

But till then we'll keep ourselves busy, and hopefully well behaved....


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