Thursday, April 8, 2010

Toys, Toys, Toys

Since I'm not heading to the barn until after work (I am working, sorta... I swear). I figured I would share some of the goodies I caved on and ordered yesterday.  Whoops.

God I am the absolute WORST at sticking to a budget. worst, worst, worst... oh well :)

I've felt guilty at how tragic P's turnout splint boots are (they may or may not be 10 years old..) and I don't have hind splints for turnout, so it seemed PRUDENT to order some new ones.  and we got these (in purple, obvi).

They weren't too pricey, and had a gazillion good reviews that I figure they are worth a shot.  Plus she'll look cute, cute CUTE in them.  I had a 5 second regression to middle school when I remembered a girl I rode with who did the diagonal boot colors (like you did with polo wraps when you're 6..) but I think that purple on all four is enough flair for Miss P.

Also, since the over the top glitter bells rubbed her ankles.. (tear), I broke down and ordered boring black no turn bell boots.   I've been squeaking by without bells sometimes, or borrowing someone's, but since her stride is getting longer and she's swinging more, there's no excuse not to have bells on all the time.  Bad mom.

We also got a fancy new hoof pick!  Somehow I have managed to keep the same (basic) hoof pick in my grooming box from since before I got a pony.  One of the older girls in the neighborhood gave me basic brushes for my birthday when I had just started taking lessons.  Curry, Hard brush, leg brush and a hoof pick.  They also came in this reaaaaly rad purple and pink CABOODLE  which was like the height of plastic totes/boxes of the time.  Really thoughtful and cute. I still have (and use) all of them.  They're my favorites.  Or they were my favorites till I used a lady's Oster hoof pick yesterday.
Holy Crap. Who knew?? its magical.  And since the new sand in the ring packs into a hoof like cement... it seems downright necessary.  So bam. 20 years later, I splurged on a new hoof pick...  Big day, I know.

Fun right?

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  1. ur super funny with all the goodies. i love it. i have a hard time sticking to a horse budget as well. lol, if u havent already noticed with Pias wardrobe. she looks great girl. :)


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