Friday, April 9, 2010

Lazy Hack

I toyed with giving P the day off yesterday, since she's been going strong all week, but since we aren't exactly exhausting her, I decided that she's rather get taken out and played with than left alone all afternoon. :)

Thursdays are a zoo at the barn, lots of lessons, lots of parents, and dogs everywhere.  Since we had such a relaxed ride on Wednesday, I wanted to see if that would carry over with crazies in the arena, or not.  Also, I figure it's good to take the opportunity to hack when there are lots of distractions and get her as used to a busy ring as possible.

Getting to the barn was bizarre. I think I drove through, sleet, snow, almond sized hail and blazing sunshine.  totally wacky spring weather... which always makes for enthusiastic ponies.  Oddly enough the barn was empty when I pulled in.  Just the owner and evening groom feeding early so they could get home.  Apparently the forecast was calling for high winds and more random precipitation so lessons had been canceled (not sure why... I'm pretty sure I had lessons in gale force winds growing up..).  So the owner tossed me a "ride safe!" as she popped in her car and darted home...

Uh.. k.

Silent barn.

So I tacked P up, she had a bee in her bonnet, but whatever.  we lunged (she bucked. lots). and then we rode.

on a loose rein.




all on a loose rein.  literally a loop in the contact.

oh, and ps - the skies cleared and it was blazing sunshine... weirder, right?

So we had a nice lazy slow day.  P offered the same total relaxation as she did the other day, so I took it and just let her stretch and swing away.  Her stride felt a little short, but I didn't feel like pushing her, so we just had a lazy, easy ride.  We plodded around for about 30 minutes.  lots of transitions, lots of big gentle circles and called it a day.

Since we had the place to ourselves I took my time untacking and scrubbed the girl clean. tidied up her whiskers, washed her tail and socks and gave them mane a little trim (/chop in a few places, whoops).

fluffed, buffed and put away happy. 

totally strange evening... back out there tonight for a lesson.  hack tomorrow, then lesson and SADDLE SHOPPING on Sunday!!

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