Monday, April 12, 2010

Long Weekend

Wow.  I know it was only two days (like every other weekend), but this one felt long and I already feel like i"M forgetting details. 

Friday we had a lesson.  P was good. we did canter poles. lots of them. spaced at one stride, so the girl had to work a little harder to keep her balance. She did great, reached for the poles, listened to me, blah blah.

Also we "jumped" (!?). Or rather we kept piling poles and planks to give the mare something to keep her brain busy.  By the end we were even doing little courses to incorporate more turns and changes of direction.  She did pretty well.

We finished by figure 8'ing around a small X in the center of the ring.  Land left, cantering, canter around then end of the ring, back to a trot, over the x, land right canteing, around the end of the ring, back to trot, over the x...

P did great! she picked up on landing on the right lead, stayed pretty balanced and seemed to enjoy the obstacle.... it was a good ride.

Saturday I finally gave Pia (and myself) a day off, and in a rare occurrence didn't even go to the barn. 

Sunday morning we had an early lesson and continued our "course work."  Pia was back to jigging at the trot and trying to canter instead of using her muscles at the trot, so we trotted the whole lesson and just kept up with the turning and balancing and whatever.

Afterward, I helped host my brother's 30th birthday party, which miiiight  be why I can't remember any details from the weekend and also why I'm so apathetic about everything today.  WHOOPS.  oh well :)

We postponed saddle shopping, but maybe that'll happen this week :).

Lesson today, lesson tomorrow. Road trip to Portland on Wednesday and who knows what else. whee!

Will take photos and video today so we have an update on the big fancy jumper mare!

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