Friday, March 9, 2012

Annnnnnd We're Back.

The Boy and I managed to safely return to the real world sometime on Tuesday.  I think the plane landed around 4pm, but our body clocks adamantly screamed that the actual time was somewhere between midnight and 3am.

Regardless, we were both thrilled to be back home and get a chance to squeeze a few of our creatures ensuring that our clothing resumed having the appropriate amount of pet hair smeared about.

The horses have yet to see either of us, but hopefully that will change as soon as I stop craving lunch at 2am and successfully stay awake at late enough to watch Jeopardy....

The trip itself was over the top fantastic.  The animals were incredible, the scenery was storybook and our time together was really just fantastic from start to finish.  The low point was really not getting to ride either in a jungle or on a beach, but I tried to enjoy the fabulousness sans horses... (It wasn't actually that hard).

But we are back, the mares are good, and hopefully I get to see them soon.  The biggest downside of taking almost 3 weeks off work is that I have a ton of backlogged visits to our other locations to get done... and I'm pretty sure that's going to make it hard to sneak in midweek visits to the ponies.

I did figure out that one of my meetings next week is about 15 minutes from BBM.. so hopefully I can stop for a ride after.  I've already informed my colleague that they may have to endure a three hour pit stop brief delay so that I can squeeze in a lesson...

Can't wait to catch up on everyone's blogs! I promise I will soon!

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