Friday, March 30, 2012

Terrible Horse Mom

Holy whoops! Posting that photo from P's Delivery reminded my tiny-little-dinosaur brain that I totally missed our Two Year Anniversary!

Thankfully P doesn't keep a close eye on these things, or I'm sure she'd be pissed... let this be a lesson to me that I should have mercy should a certain husband ever make the same mistake...

Keeping with our Time Warp from yesterday, here's a rewind of some of our highlights (and lowlights) over the past two years...

First Ride!
Early Ride... don't look too close...
The Boy & P (at he vet for a Mylegram)
Freshly bathed for a Supermom visit
Back to work at our second barn
Starting to get *sticky* again under saddle
Lost 6 weeks to a whack to her suspensory...
Back to work! (again)
The Boy Proposes! (P wanted a ring too...)

2011 Started off with a ride from Supermom..(after P dumped me)
Snow (and slowfeeders) at the barn...
Regu-Mate? yes please.
Long and Low was our friend...
The Body - Before Camp (note standing under and total lack of withers..)
June 2011.. starting CAMP!

There's that face again... (withers starting to emerge..)
My absolute favorite P expression...
Who *wouldn't* love camp?
Rock Star Clinic Weekend...
Happy, Furry, Filthy Horse.
What a mare... Haven't exactly don't what I thought we would in two years... but we've shoved a lot in!


  1. You two have had quite the journey together. Hope the next two years are all kinds of awesome.

  2. Love the picture story of the last 2 years :)

  3. Great photos! I love seeing recaps. :D


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