Monday, March 12, 2012

Double Down (payments)

So, while I was supposed to be casually soaking on the sun on the white beaches of Zanzibar (I mean seriously, doesn't it sound like you're supposed to be thinking only of tropical fruits and poetry?)  I couldn't quite get my brain to shut up about things like trailers and the mares and why do I own two horses that I don't ride... and what about sparkly browbands... I can't believe NEITHER mare has a sparkly browband...

Okay, so maybe some of the musings were more important than others, but really, the two biggest "these aren't tragic issues" issues that kept rolling over in my pea brain were

1) new trailer, get one.
2) BBM, Why aren't you riding her 5 times a week yet. Isn't that why you got a second horse you silly, silly girl

So.  This gray and drizzly Monday I bucked up and did something about it.  We have officially put down a deposit on a trailer (pictures and explanation to come) that we will be picking up this weekend in the heart of Washington Wine Country.  Lucky me I get to celebrate a friend's 30th, go wine tasting and then hitch up a new trailer on our way home (YESSSS).

Also, I just popped a check in the mail securing a spot at a LOCAL (15 minute drive away) barn for Prairie.  It's not the perfect DQ barn, but it does have lots of turnout, a few people I know and a decent indoor and outdoor ring for us to clock some hours in.

Because you know what? the perfect trailer and the perfect barn weren't just going to materialize (at least not anytime soon).  So we found a great trailer (at a good price) and a good barn for us to go to.  If our needs change or we hate either, we'll make a move then.

I am feeling a huge weight lifting off my shoulders (and out of my wallet).

Just think! in three weeks I'll be using the NEW TRAILER to bring the new mare practically to my backyard.

About time if you ask me....


  1. Hooray! You'll actually be riding regularly again. Winning.

  2. Oooh, how exciting to have her so close! Yay riding!!!

    And I can't wait to hear more about the new barn AND the new trailer!

  3. Very exciting! I just made the move to a new barn and we couldn't be happier! Can't wait to see the new trailer and live vicariously through you :). Our trailer is old and not exciting but perfectly functional. No reason to get a new one. Sigh.

  4. That is fantastic!!! It sounds like you're a perfectionist just like me. It can be hard to beat down the OCD enough to finally make a decision, but oh it feels so good to do it lol. And like you said, if either one doesn't work out you can just change it. It's going to be so exciting having Prairie fifteen minutes away!


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