Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Rig!!!

So it happened.  I didn't want to jinx it because literally the perfect trailer came along (although it was in Idaho) and I didn't want to jinx the magic before I could get my grubby little hands on it.

It's an '09 Featherlite 2 horse Straight Load.  Its the "big girl" edition so our mares should have absolutely no problem sharing the space with each other.  It doesn't have the "+1" space I was hoping for, but the fact that it was priced at 54% of its original '09 cost more than made up for that.

Oh, did I mention that even though it's an '09 it's brand new and has it's full manufacturer's warranty intact?


So, as we skipped East of the mountains to celebrate a friend's birthday I was more than happy to hitch up and haul the new toy home.  (I also did not mind that the route involved a bit of wine tasting and making use of the new tack room as a wine cellar for a few freshly acquired cases of vino...)
You know you're a horse person, when you find this sexy.
Sadly the haul home involved a mountain pass and a slushy snow shower, so the impeccably detailed and Armorall-ed finish has been reduced to a coating of deicer slime, but it still looks like a happy trailer snugged in among company cars in our yard.   A process that made me happy to have ended up without the +1 space.. and even a few more feet on the trailer would eliminate the option of parking it in my "assigned" parking place.

Just baaaaarrrely fits. :)
Also, I'm happy to report that the Silver-Lite will have a happy new home with D and the ancient pony up north.  So the apprehension of "buying before selling" is also abated.

The trailer's first trip will be to pick up Prairie at the end of the month to move her home and the second trip will be for both mares to go to the Mountain Trail Clinic at the end of April.  Being a total nerd for logistics, I've already put my brain to work trying to figure out all the hauling options for the two mares and two trailers (not unlike the chicken, fox, grain problem of crossing a river).  I ended up making post-it-note-paper-dolls so I could "see" the different options.  This is when the truly ridiculous nature of "where my things are" hit me.  (again.  This realization has hit me before.)

Behold, a map of my mares and trailers:

Legend (because all good maps have legends):
Blue Ribbon = Horse (duh)
Green Suitcase = Trailer (picasa does not have a trailer sticker..)
Yellow Star = Prairie's new home
As you can see, my current spread of ponies and trailers makes for a lot of NPR, a few naps, and some fantastic dance-off short drives to the barn in the near future. 

For the moment I am relishing the totally manure free, dirt free, smell free state of the trailer.  But all the manure/dirt/smells in the world will still be worth loading up the mares and (eventually) bringing them home.



  1. That is one sexy trailer. Lucky you!

    I like the truck too... ;)

  2. You came to Idaho?? Better have been up north or else I'm going to be all pissy that you didn't call. :p I jest, as I drool on your trailer. Very pretty.

    OMG! Prairie home soon!

    1. Trailer was down in Twin, but never fear I got lazy and shipped it to Walla Walla for pickup... But I AM in Boise tomorrow!

  3. That is a beautiful trailer! It's like a massive mirror!! I am a huge fan of NPR and wouldn't mind being stuck listening to it for three hours :)

  4. Beautiful new trailer! I wish the trailers we were looking at were half as nice as that one! lol.

  5. Very nice! Congrats on the new trailer!


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