Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oops. I shopped.

Every time I get to the point of being able to pat myself on my back for having not splurged needlessly on horsey stuff.... I splurge needlessly on horsey stuff.  It's consistency it darn close to being declared a law of physics. 

Anyway.  While clicking around on weekly specials for tack stores I stumbled onto Dressage Extensions and started clicking around.  While they don't have the largest selection, or the best prices... they do often have "different" stuff and their sales are always worth looking at.  Sadly I fell into the vortex of the clearance section and failed to emerge unscathed.  But, BUT, we did get some cute things.

Namely a fun new saddle pad (I was getting jealous of all the cute hunter pads at the barn... fun dressage pads are so much harder to find... makes me sad). I love Prairie in my plain gray pad - it just looks nice against her coat, and I also love her mauve/dusty rose turnout sheet, so this gray pad with pink-ish piping was a no brainer. 

Then, while tootling around the sale bin, I saw that my favorite type of polo wraps were on sale so we got a new set... in a dusty pink to match the new pad (my middle school self just squealed a little). 

After that it was all basics that I needed (extra boot trees, spur straps, zocks, etc.).  Nothing that set my little tack 'ho heart on fire.

However, I am keeping my eye out for a new Dressage Coat and white breeches.  I haven't bought a new jacket since 1999 (ack!) and... well... I might not be exactly the same size.  I'm not too worried about acquiring new show clothes immediately since I've mentally committed to stay away from any recognized shows until 2013, but I am keeping an eyeball peeled for super steals...

That's not to even consider the dollars I spent on my very spendy (but VERY handy) hoof jack and rasp, and all that jazz.  Though I am happy to report that Prairie happily rests her hoof in the cradle stand of the hoof jack which makes me my back exceptionally happy.. Prudent purchase.


  1. Way cute! Don't do all your splurging now! We have to make it to Olson's this weekend!


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