Friday, July 20, 2012

The Princess P

FINALLY got out to see the original princess yesterday (after a much extended absence).  By my luck, Supermom was able to join me for the trip and her own first visit to P's Summer Camp.  (boarding school... whatever). 

Aside from always being glad for her company, there is the added bonus of having most excellent photos of whatever we end up doing.

To start with she got this great shot of me saying hi to Miss P in the pasture for the first time right when we got there...
sweet happy mare

It was an absolutely gorgeous day out on the peninsula.  The sun was shining, the mountains were out and everything was green, green, green.  As Supermom got acquainted with the place we came up with our plan for the day - Put needles in the puppy (she loves them!), run the herd in from the front pasture, eat lunch, go for a ride, relax.

Exactly the sort of agenda that I can support..

It was an incredibly relaxing day for me surrounded by people who I respect, and horses I adore (especially that one silly mare).  Pia is doing INCREDIBLY well.  I can't emphasize that enough.  I thought Cowboy Man was a bit crazy when he stated that P isn't working in a bridle anymore (that is.. she works in a halter only) but when we got out onto the trail it's clear that she doesn't need a bit (from a safety perspective) and that she is just so much more comfortable moving through the world than she was even just a few short months ago.

We did quite a bit (relatively speaking) of our work at a trot and Pia was completely up for it.  no head tossing, no fussing, no chest biting.  Just big, forward movement and an eagerness to keep going. That eagerness is what we've been missing for so long. 
I couldn't have ask for more. 

I could go on and on about each little twist in the trail, but instead I'll let Supermom's pictures speak for themselves.  She'll probably scold me for posting the unedited pictures but that's what happens when she puts jpegs in my hot little hands.  I can't possibly sit on them without posting. 

Plus all those wise old people say pictures are worth a thousand words.  So without ado, the first part of our day at Summer Camp:
Pulling on the mares ears (they are still firmly attached)
snacks and kisses
Eventually the herd wandered off and P ditched us to go find them
Maisy successfully stole a bone from one of the big dogs
And then she ran like a goober-dog
The herd coming from the front pasture through the main driveway

Pia was last in...

My vet's dog knows how to "fetch" a halter and leadrope then go up to her horse, wait for her to halter it, then the puppy leads it back to the barn....
heading to the barn... Maisy does not know this trick.
P hanging in the herd
Inside of the big gabled barn

Snack face.
Barn Cat

Ready to hit the trail!!
More pics to come of the ride! God I love this place....


  1. Wow, every time you visit that place, I think HEAVEN too! I looove your Frenchie, aren't they worth the million laughs a day they create! PS that dog leading the horse trick is AHMAZING!!! Hmmmmm
    Also Miss P going in a halter, I can say, I'm not surprised. For many horses, they like being able to not have something in their mouth. To each, their own! Laz is part of that crew I discovered a couple of yrs ago. I would have NEVER thought it.

  2. I agree with Kristen, that place is horse heaven. It seems like such a natural way for the horses to live: out on a big pasture in a big group. Pia looks super - calm and happy :) :) :)

  3. I LOVE the dog fetching the halter and leading the horse. That is so cool. I want to teach Jackal that, but I don't know if he and Chrome get along well enough lol.

    Pia looks awesome! I'm glad she benefiting from summer camp/boot camp/boarding school. :D

    I have a question. How tall is Pia and how tall is that stock trailer on the inside? I'm considering going with a stock, but don't know if a 6.5 foot is tall enough. Thanks!


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