Friday, July 27, 2012

P2's Baby Course (and gratuitously adorable ponies)

Since the show is Sunday, I turned the mare over to S so that she can have some consistent rides before we make our grand Hunter debut.  It sorta feels like cotillion all over again.. what with shopping for new outfits, practice her "dance steps" and worrying about how well she'll fit in with "society."  lol

Good thing I'm just as nonchalant with Prairie's "debut" as I was with my own...

S had a great little ride yesterday.  The mare wasn't quite as calm as she had been with me the day before, but there was more going on and we made the jumps a little more "visual."  Still baby heights but P2 is getting more patient in her approach.  The biggest challenge of the moment is correcting her leads.  Sometimes she swaps on her own, but if you push for the lead change she tends to get unbalanced and start running (you'll see this).  Other than that, I'm super proud of my girl!!

Here's a quick iphone video of her course yesterday:

Apparently today she was even more relaxed and willing to sit for normal horse strides in the line... so we're still trending up!

And now... for something completely adorable.  Good friend D (the magical caretaker of ancient pony Star..) has a couple (adorable) little tiny welsh ponies that may or may not become lesson ponies.  She recently sent me some pictures and I just have to post a few.  Have to. 

Can you imagine having these adorable things in your barn!?? I want to collect a whole set!
This cute thing had a baby. 
(heart. melt/)
That's Star in the background... I always wondered if she'd be a good mom.... guess not


  1. holy monly those ponies are WAY cute!!

    and miss mare looks awesome :)

  2. Whenever I look at photos of her, she looks so dainty and polite, but watching her jump around that course made me realise how HUGE she is. She looks like a ton of work to keep packaged together, especially over fences. I hope you had a fab day at your show today!

  3. Oh my goodness! Those ponies are adorable! I always wished I was short so I could have a Welsh lol. Sadly at 5'11" my feet would probably drag the ground lol.

    Prairie looks awesome!


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