Monday, July 23, 2012

Pia's Ride - Continued...

More shots from our ride out on the trail last week...

Out on the trail...
Classic P face. goofball.

Maybe my favorite shot.  She looks so... stoic (in the face of a scary llama)
Just one leadrope on that halter...

Supermom's mount, Bella.  She's adorable.

Back at the trailer with Miss P
Supermom with her P :)

All three of us. 
P back with her boyfriend

The herd starting to run... P was clueless.

herd on the move (P was still grazing)
"oh.  where'd they go?"

Then we chased the herd back up.. P was out in front this time

She couldn't look any happier....


  1. Beautiful! But I'm a little confused on why Pia is now a trail horse or hat she is really doing now. Still looks like a great day and fun fun fun!

    1. This is probably worth a thought out explaination, but basically P is still at her rehab/summer camp place she left for in May of 2011 for "90 days." 90 days has stretched into 12 months mostly because her bodywork issues proved more difficult to unwind than we thought. But prior to coming to her rehab spot P was so angry under saddle that she wouldn't take. one. step. forward.

      Now that her body is finally working well (yay!) she's wanting to go forward which is amazing and new, but now we have to retrain her brain to NOT expect pain when we ride. Hence mostly trail work. Keeping it forward and fun and interesting for her before she works her way back into the arena...

      This ride was the happiest and most forward I've seen her in 2 years. :)

    2. Thanks for explaining. Glad she is doing so much better. Both of your horses are just so beautiful. You're very lucky.

  2. Ha! NOW there are supermom pics on your blog. Just saying.

    P looks really, really great.

    1. she's not even hidden behind scarves or jackets :)

  3. Pia looks so happy and content, and so do YOU :)

  4. Wow supermom takes amazing photos! Love them. And Pia looks AWESOME!


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