Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Springtime Starts...

I'm only saying this because the weatherman assures me that our warm, sunny streak of fabulous February weather is definitely ending tonight and in no way can I be responsible for jinxing it - BUT OMG AMAZING.

It's been so warm and springy around here that I've almost switched back to normal riding gloves and away form horrid winter muppet hands.

This has also, (clearly) given the girls spring fever and they are busy peeing on everyone and squealing around their paddock like middle schoolers. 

However, Prairie has mostly returned from orbit and I think has a shot in hell of putting in a respectable performance at our little show this weekend.  Or at least I hope so.  It would be fun to watch her go quietly.  Of course my intention of "let's just haul for the day and let S take a few classes" has fully morphed into "nevermind, let's go Friday, school the course, then do two full divisions on Saturday plus maybe an extra flat class."

Oh well, as long as were done in time for the wine party we're supposed to be at, I'm a happy girl.

Pia continues to be force fed her GastroGard, and while I don't see a massive improvement yet, I think I will... soon...

As for me, I've gotten some good hacks in but am currently crippled from deciding that "what I really need" are some regular bareback rides to improve my balance and seat


Double ow.

On days when one of S's school horses isn't being used I've been flopping my leg over him and torturing myself with lots of sitting trot and a decent amount of posting.  I can already feel my balance improving, but dear god.  I don't know how my 12 year old self used to gallop around bareback jumping over 3'.

I'd play this game with my girls, but I honestly don't trust them enough.  Give me a steady-eddie gelding who will happily plod around while I struggle to regain my seat any day.

But really - As long as it's warm and the sun is shining I'm happy with anything at all...


  1. Yay bareback!!! Hehe! I used to always ride bareback.... don't really miss the horse sweat pants sticking to my legs though... ew! It's nice in the winter though because they keep you warm and you're right it is great for balance. Keep up the awesome work. I can't wait to hear about the show this weekend. Just remember to have fun!

  2. Bareback is so helpful! Definitely agree that it can be most fun on a steady eddy!

  3. The show sounds super fun! I used to jump my TB mare (with withers) bareback when I was a kid. I don't even want to sit on Cuna without a saddle. Huh.

  4. We had a bit of warmth for a few days and then it chilled up worse than before. I like winter is holding on for dear life.

    Thanks for joining my blog! I always enjoy reading about your adventures with the P's.


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