Monday, January 13, 2014

Blog Hop - The New Barn

I posted a couple of pictures of Prair's new place, but I actually remembered to snap a few new ones which I think means I have enough to justify this post.  

I'm still missing lots of fun features, but oh well.  Such is life.

The farm is about 20 acres (I think?) and is concentrated around the main "show barn" with most of the active clients and the indoor, but also has a second barn for some broodmares, ponies and overflow.  Prair snagged a stall in the main barn, so most of my time is spent bopping around in there. 

So here we go:

A view of the barn:
This is as you pull in.  To the left is a nice wide pull through driveway for trailers (and people hauling in for lessons).  Regular parking off to the right and pastures/turnouts beyond that.

The barn is a very efficient structure, with the stalls, tack room, office area, feed and hay storage, indoor and 2 apartments all under one roof.  Well planned for sure.

Prairie's Living Space:

We've seen a couple shots of her aisle and whatnot.  But here's her beak poking out of the stall.  

The horses also get daily turnout in either sand paddocks or pastures, all with really big run in sheds.  So far Prair has been in a smaller turnout which I think is typical of most of the horses in training during the winter, but she seems relaxed and happy which is all I need.

Looking down the lane to turnouts and pastures
The Tack Room:

I like this space.  It's not huge, but it's pretty organized and stays toasty warm which is an excellent feature on wet, soggy days.  Also, the viewing area to the ring isn't huge but it's very functional and seems to be a great social/gathering place before and after lessons.  My last barn had a large lounge/viewing area but it was upstairs and rarely used.... which was too bad.

I have less personal space in this tack room, but that mostly means I can't keep 8 different sets of polos and boots around.  I'm working through that withdrawal.  :) 

Bridles are hung out in the open, then saddles, boots and grooming supplies are kept in individual lockers.  All with nice, clean brass name plates. 
Bridles, sink and tack hook for cleaning

My Locker, more lockers behind me

Beyond the tack area is the office, restroom and the viewing area. 

So toasty warm

Where I Ride:

And of course beyond the viewing area is the Indoor.  Right now there isn't an outdoor, which seems weird to me, but if I had to pick between only an indoor and only an outdoor... I'd go indoor every time with our rain...  It's also a pretty large indoor with plenty of room for full courses (and really nice jumps) and nice footing.  An outdoor would be nice for the summer, and I hear it's on the list of "to-do's" but we'll survive without one.
Shot of the indoor from inside.  It's nice and bright.
My Favorite Feature:

So far I'm fair enamored with the facility in general, but I really enjoy the Eurosizer that gets used daily.  The horses all go for a 30 min walk before turnout which helps them move their legs, stretch and get moving before farting around outside.  I also like that this is available when the ground is frozen, or you have a rehab horse you want to keep confined, but moving... 


  1. Very cool. Love the sink by the tack hook! That is well planned.

  2. WOW! That's beautiful. I am beyond envious of these tack rooms you hoppers all have. So lucky!

  3. Sounds like it was certainly well planned! Very fancy. The tack cleaning sink is fabulous! As for the locker... So small. I would go through space withdrawals too!

  4. Omg. I'm an eventer but I think I want to ride hunters again. Nice place!

  5. What a wonderful facility, I can think of a princess who wouldn't mind that kind of treatment!!!

  6. Love the eurosizer!! Down south a lot of barns have treadmills, and I've always wanted access to something like it.


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