Friday, January 10, 2014

Saddle Woes

So, after Prair's little touch-up visit from the vet on Tuesday, I reached out to our new CWD rep since I knew she was paying a visit to the barn but never heard back.  Since our old rep is still listed on the CWD website I finally called Burbank and got New Rep's Cell phone.  By the good graces of horsey karma, I actually called her while she was on the way to our barn, which wasn't so great in terms of me being able to be there... but was fortuitous in terms of Prair actually getting looked at.

The verdict is that the saddle is still (STILL!) sitting too low on her back.  That's causing the weight to not be evenly distributed (read: pushed to the back) which is in turn causing the rub marks toward the back of the panels.  She also though there was some rubbing behind her shoulder, and when she watched her move, thought that her movement makes it tricky to eliminate all friction.

So, she was able to add some shims and lift the back of the saddle (even more).  - Remember the saddle was ordered with extra lift and then sent to Burbank for even more when it arrived.... argh.  Then she said that it was good we were going to Thermal because we needed to go to CWD while we ere there and have them take out the temporary shims and rework the panels.

She also told me to get an Ogilvy Pad asap since that will help even things out and also really help reduce any rubbing.

In the meantime The Mattes Half Pad is back on duty with some rear shims.

Of course, the hunt for an Ogilvy Pad started (and ended) this morning with an impulse buy from Dapple Gray.  Since I have no illusions that I can keep a white pad (that also gets used daily) white for showing, we went with a "greige" body with the new barn colors as our trim - just because we could.
So many fun options
Never fear, I did my usual "thorough" research on COTH and other random sites before reading my Visa number off over the phone (informed consumer over here).

In truth though, if I hadn't already heard so much good stuff about these pads I would have had a hard time dropping the coin on it.  Also, If I wasn't so paranoid about doing everything I can for Prair's back I probably would have mulled it over for a while longer (like maybe a day).

But when my vet says "fix the saddle" and my saddle fitter says "we can fix the saddle, but get a pad."

I get the damn pad.

Plus I love custom shit.  That's not exactly a tough sell for this girl...

Stay tuned for a full report and review!


  1. It's a good thing Prarie has a tack ho for a momma! :)

  2. I have been mulling over ordering one of these pads. I want grey with navy piping and a black trim. Have it all planned out. Me from Charlie and me wrote a review on hers and seems to love it. Now I need to save up.

    I would be pretty irked if my custom saddle wasn't fitting and the rep told me to buy a pad to fix it. I hope that they can get it right this time :/

    1. Also do you mind if I ask how dapple bays shipping was for it? I am trying to figure out where I want to order mine from when I do decide to and shipping options Are playing a part.

    2. I'm not toooooo irked since she recommended the pas more for slipping/movement and is addressing the balance and fit directly. But yes. I thought my custom saddle would fit when it came.... Sigh.

      And I can't speak to DG's shipping... Since she is having Ogilvy send direct. But she was SUPER nice and helpful on the phone and I'd order from her again in a heartbeat!!!

    3. That's true. At least there is a plan and they seem committed to making it right. :) Did you go with the regular or the gummy version?

    4. Yeeeeeah, that would not be my favorite chain of events, either. :-/

  3. Let me know how you like it! I kind of want to pick up one for schooling because they are oh so pretty and my horse has similar back rub issues at the moment.

  4. Ohhhh how I want an Ogilvy pad.. but I have a thin line and Ride Light soooo i can't justify it :(

    Hope you love it!!

  5. Please post one of your awesome reviews when you've tried it out!
    Looking forward to reading what you think

  6. Ooh nice. Love those colors. I just finally stepped up to Fleeceworks, slowly becoming a respectable tack-ho :) Hope it helps Prair's back.

  7. I guess I'm a little late since you've already bit the bullet. ;) I don't think you'll be disappointed. I too have a CWD and ironically enough, when I first got it, I was worried it would be too narrow (even though Charlie is a stereotypical narrow TB). And I think if I had an Ogilvy pad in the beginning, the saddle would have been too narrow. Over time, I feel the saddle has widened considerably - not necessarily a bad thing as I think Charlie has widened as well.

    I'm pretty sure I have the 1.25" model (it's the original) and it has been a game changer as far as I'm concerned. We weren't having any back problems per say (I had been using a fleeceworks half pad) but my saddle did slip back a bit meaning a breastplate was necessary. Since I've started using the Ogilvy, no slipping so no breastplate unless I feel like accessorizing. I also feel closer to the horse and can really feel his back move with the ogilvy.

    I haven't personally touched the gummy pad (1" pad) but my understanding is it is slightly stiffer and has a lower profile. For the hunter ring, it may be more appropriate but I haven't been to a big time hunter show in a lllooooonnnnnggggg time. One humongo benefit to the 1.25" is you can change out the cover. I would not be using a white cover for everyday wear (I think the greige will be perfect) but you can order a spare cover in white for shows.

    I've been very impressed with it's wear and Charlie seems to approve - no back issues at all. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think. Hopefully you and Prairie will be as happy with it as Charlie and I are.

    I'm trying to convince myself it's totally unnecessary to order another cover…sigh…I love custom stuff...

  8. Back stuff is the absolute worst. At least if they're limping, you can narrow it down to a leg. Back stuff could be ANYTHING. The worst. Good luck with the pad!

  9. I've been coveting an Ogilvy for a while now (following them on Instagram was a big mistake!) so I'm very interested to hear your review!!

  10. Well I'll be the bubble buster here. Stampede hated it, in the sense of, put the Mattes pad back on right now. I think it must not have created the spine clearance the Mattes does? Obviously with him and his kissing spines it's a big issue. I also realized that because it squishes down, you can't really shim with it. Stampede requires a small shim on the left back panel, and the pad seemed to compensate for it. Of course this is great for some other horses!

    Secondly, I tried to use it on Phoenix with my Antares. P really slopes inward right behind his shoulder, so the saddle wants to slide in there and dig down. The Oglivy is not enough to take care of that issue. I did however see they sell extra lift inserts and I have ordered a set of front inserts to see if that works because I do love the pad for my back. So currently it's Mattes pad for him as well and the verdict is open on the lifts.

    Just a billion things to keep in mind, lol. I'll have to let all these ladies know if mine ends up for sale!

    Oh, and I have felt the gummy pad, the original has a much nicer feel. The gummy is more solid and bouncy in feel.

    There are quite a few people in my barn who use them just fine, and they are great for human backs, but don't think they can fix anything major. Carie keep in mind you can get those rear insert lifts if need be as well, they weren't that expensive (but are taking forever to come!).

    1. I think this is a really good observation - My impression with the Ogilvy's (ogilvies? Ogilvi?) is that they really don't correct fit in a balance perspective, but are great for shock absorption and "filling in." Right now, since my saddle still needs to be "fixed" the mattes pad with the additional shim is a good fix, but I'm hoping that once the saddle is corrected (again) at Thermal (at least Prairie will be on hand to actually put the saddle on as they work on it..) the Ogilvy will (hopefully) be a good long term solution for Prair.

      The clearance issue is an interesting one though... Will keep you posted!

  11. Ok, I really want one of those even though I have an ecogold and a fluffy and the little man is just bumming around in a borrowed $30 front lift foam pad.

    Hope it helps! Obv need pictures and a review.


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