Thursday, January 23, 2014

Welcome Gift (and Gersemi Sale)

One of the fun things about Prair's new barn is that the Trainer's parents live on site and are both very involved and very entertaining.  I'm enjoying the time that I get to spend with them both, either in the ring, or in the lounge.

Last week after one of my lessons N's dad grabbed me and presented me with a gorgeous brush box.  He is quite the craftsman and has made a tradition of making a new, unique wooden brush box for clients "once he thinks they're going to stick for a while."

I must confess that with the smaller locker I've been eyeballing more compact brush box options than my big plastic tote, but I just couldn't pull the trigger on buying one.  So I was thrilled to be given such a beautiful prize!  I also love that everyone has a slightly different design - with different inlays or woods, so that there's no confusion.

What a talent! and what a generous tradition!

Oooooh, Ahhhhhh
Also, I found myself checking out the Gersemi website, as I do every few months to look over their outerwear, which I still think ranks consistently at the top of the heap in terms of both form and fashion for barn wear.  I have never actually purchased anything from them, but I noticed that quite a few pieces were on (significant) sale (and in my size!) so I snapped a couple things up.

I figure that I certainly won't be needed any summer riding clothes this year, but I'll probably be back in the tack next winter... or at least, I might be back in the tack by winter which was justification enough for me.

Also, the cold seems to be sticking around here so they'll probably get some use sooner rather than later...

So voila, a nice puffy jacket, 50% percent off
oooh, tall collar
And also a cute vest, also 50% percent off, because I love vests.  Favorite riding layer.  I also love the color.

It might have just been the hormones talking, but if I can't look cute in a bikini this summer, then dammit, the least I can do is look cute in puffy layers!


  1. That box is drool worthy! Lucky you! :)

  2. I LOVE that box. What a great gift.

  3. Gorgeous brush box. That's cool!

  4. Love the brush box - SO gorgeous! And the jacket. Thank goodness they don't have my size in black, otherwise we would've been twinsies!

  5. OOO love the brush box and the vest!

  6. Brush box is stunning, what a lovely gift! New place sounds like heaven, love knowledgeable characters.
    Nice bargains, I too love vests & that jacket is fab! Wishing you well wear with all the new things :-D

  7. Whoa, gorgeous brush box. That guy is seriously talented; what a sweet gift!

  8. Oh my goodness that brush box is to die for

  9. That brush box is gorgeous! What a great gift!

  10. Gorgeous grooming tote! And love the wine color on that vest!

  11. Crazy gorgeous brush box. That is such a nice gift and a great way to make everyone at the barn feel welcome.


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