Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Prair's New Pad

Things continue to go well at the new farm.  Prair has stopped looking like a terrified llama in her turnout, and all else is settling nicely.  I didn't recap our Saturday lesson last week (which was also awesome) but most of the details have already slipping out of my brain.
Peeking out from her (very clean) stall
I know we did more lateral stuff, and kept up with the whole haunches out thing... at the end Prair gave me some of her softest courses (when I didn't totally blow the distance) and I actually had to put spurs on so I wasn't pony-kicking her through the turns.

One tidbit that did stick with me is that Asst to N had me switch from a crest release back to an automatic release and really encourage Prair to break over a bit more during her jump.  It seemed to help a bit and didn't stress her out at all.

OH, and we switched bits.  Asst to N had tried a big (like big, big) chunky KK loose ring and Prair felt like a totally different horse up front.  Way less tension in her jaw, less rooting and overall less weight on her forehand.  It was a bit magical (or a magical bit, har har)- so I hope that doesn't go away.

But before I go spending $$$ on more bits I'm going to let it ride for a couple weeks and make sure we really like the change (and that the change sticks).

What else...

Vet came out to look at lots of horses so I had her reexamine Prair's back.  She's been off the Previcox for about a month and just last week I started to noticed some sensitivity to the curry comb again.  Sure enough, she's sore so we gave her a baby amount of steroids directly in the supporting muscles to loosen them up and Prair will be going back on a maintenance does of the Previcox to help in building up that muscle.  Also, I'm having the saddle fitter out to take a peek since things have been changing.

The rest of the week will be pretty low key - three days off from riding, but turnout, Eurosizer and light lunges to keep her moving, then back on for a lesson on Saturday and we will start back on the Previcox at that point.

I'll also keep snapping pictures, I don't know why I always forget when I'm at the barn, maybe it's because I'm in some sort of stupor from such fun rides.
Aisle and entrance to the indoor


  1. Good god woman, that barn is beautiful!

    Bit thickness is all about mouth conformation - Connor acted like I just stuffed a watermelon in his mouth when I tried my mom's circa 1975 big thick loose ring snaffle on him once. Never again! Hope this change sticks! I feel like changing bits can be like changing shampoos, they lose their effectiveness after a while and its good to switch. This is how bit hoarders start their habit...oh no...

    1. The shampoo analogy is perfect. I wouldn't have guessed that Prair would have liked such a thick bit, but so far... so good!

      And the barn *is* gorgeous. Aside from being built "pretty," the main groom keeps the place spotless, I think he mops the aisle significantly more often than I mop my floors at home... lol

  2. Also, I've been wearing my Effinghams for the past two hours. My right foot is numb and my left ankle is bruised but after reading your post, I am going to keep going!

  3. Looks like the move is working well so far!

  4. Pretty barn! Hope the magical bit stays a bit magical.

  5. The barn looks beautiful! I'm glad you're happy with your choice. :)

  6. Is there somewhere you talk about Prairie's kissing spines specifics? One of my horses has kissing spines and I'm still working on getting it under control on a regular basis (he was diagnosed last March). I'm interested in knowing where her kissing spines are located and what treatments you do and how often. Currently Stampede has been injected in the spine twice (in three locations) and I started stretches after his second set of injections. He is currently not comfortable, less than 4 months after his last injection. Feel free to email me, I would love to compare notes! morsekg at gmail dot com

    1. The longest (and first post) is here http://piasparade.blogspot.com/2013/09/injected.html, but you can also click on the "kissing spine" label and get the couple posts where we've discussed it. I'll shoot you an email though and let you know what we've done thus far!

  7. Glad your happy with your move! I keep forgetting to take pictures of my new barn too, once you get there you get so busy!

  8. Gorgeous. Love it.

    And I see absolutely nothing wrong with a bit collection, particularly not if you keep a spreadsheet noting all types and size so you don't end up with duplicates. ;-) I have a rubbermaid just for bits. LOVE.


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