Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Gus' Fancy Shoe

On the recommendation of both my vet and my farrier I ordered Gussie one (1) fancy shoe to try.

I think I mentioned it in a previous post, but we are seeing what happens when Gus puts on the Denoix Suspensory Support Shoe from grand circuit.  It's not that expensive ($20), so I think it's worth a go.  In theory the shoe is designed to help float the toe a bit and reduce a "stabby" motion on a leg that has reduced range of motion in the lower limb.

oooooh shiny.

I'm not sure it's going to be like Cinderella's slipper and cause princes and birds and fair godmothers to show up, but if it helps him move more comfortably, well then, why the hell not.

Honestly, as much as I've tried to educate myself on hoof care and hoof shape and trimming, I know literally nothing about specialty shoes or how they do what they claim to do.  I'll make it a point to ask my farrier some questions as he's attaching it to Gus' toostie and report back.


  1. I would get a set of shoes like that if it means shiny shoes. :) Just kidding, but if they work and I ever need them, it would be something to invest in.

  2. I was fascinated to learn that farriers can trim to correct hoof issues based on x rays! The power of corrective shoeing is amazing!

  3. Would love to know more! He injured his DDFT? My guy was 17 when he did this so I retired him but would love to learn it.


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