Saturday, February 15, 2014


Got the update that the horses arrived safe and sound. Prair walked off calm and comfy and fully hydrated and is enjoying her double stall like a lady.

Only mishap is that the halter fleecies didn't do their job and she's got terrible rubs on her face.

Poor thing.

Guess I'll be biting the bullet on a spendy fancy shipping halter for the haul home in a few weeks...

Breaks my heart!!

Kind of a weird angle but the cheek piece is on the left side of the pic for reference...

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  1. Poor mare! An excuse to buy a pretty shipping halter though?! Yes please- saw a super nice OS one of the Facebook English tack trader page so you might want to look there- this thing was clearly well made and even lightly used wasn't cheap but still more affordable. Glad she made it safe.

  2. Ouch! I'm surprised she got rubbed that badly. Poor thing!

  3. Poor thing but glad that's the only mishap.

  4. Aw, poor baby girl. I'm really surprised that it rubbed that much! Don't feel bad, there's no way you could have predicted that.

  5. Dang that stinks about the rub but in the scheme, totally not horrible!! And a new shopping halter- bummer!! ;)

    I'm sure there's no good shopping lol!!

  6. Sorry to hear her face got rubbed, looks nasty. Such a pity you've to buy more stuff, my hears bleeds for really ;-)

  7. Glad they made it sucks about the rubs! Best of luck in your classes

  8. Oops, guess I was wrong :( Weird place for a rub though, no? Unless it's just the angle. Well, if that's the only mishap then it was a pretty good ride. And you get to indulge the tack ' not a total loss ;)

  9. Aw, Prair. It's always before the big shows, isn't it?


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