Friday, February 28, 2014

Thermal V - Pro Days

Annnnnnd we're back!

Prair's second day of pro rides was great. She really is looking more relaxed (in everything) and I can't see much of a difference in her with the snaffle vs. Pelham - which is a huge victory in itself!

I landed early, grabbed a rental car, coffee and snacks (in that order) before zipping down to the show grounds and stuffing prairie full of treats.

necessary evils

We had a while before Prair's classes so I grabbed my ogilvy pad as a butt saver for the bleachers (best idea yet) and went to watch some rounds.

Prair's flat round was good. Not her most impressive flatting but definitely good and we got second! Although only 25 showed up.. Not sure where the rest of the division went!

Over fences her first round (third round for the division) looked pretty great aside from some head waggles after lines. The biggest change is how nicely Prair is pausing after fences and rebalancing instead of plowing down to the ground. She picked up a 4th for her efforts :)

The second (4th) round was even better. More relaxed and no head waggle. No ribbon though :( even though it was the same judge who pinned her 2nd under saddle.

All in all Prair managed a 2nd, 3rd and 4th which I'm very (very very) pleased with. I just can't believe how well she's settling!

Also, a few photos that a barn mate took last week. I checked the pro photos, but these ones are better I think!

Forgive the glare, I took a phone picture of the physical prints on top of my tack trunk...

my favorite. A big smile after our first great round...

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  1. You guys look so fancy! I love your updates from Thermal.

  2. Looks like Prair is really starting to love Thermal! And pictures with palm trees in the background? Um, yes please!!

  3. Yay & gorgeous pictures!
    Ah we miss you! Enjoy the rest of the weekend, hope all goes well :-D

  4. So happy that you are sharing this experience with us. Go Prair!!!


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