Thursday, February 27, 2014

Week V!

Well, week five is underway. I'm sitting back in an airplane seat, long before the sun is going to (maybe) show itself in Seattle and ready to get back to the sunshine.

dark, cold outside

...except that it's raining in the desert. At least it's a warmer rain?

Prair is off to a good start. Yesterday she started her 50 horse open 2'6" "Training Hunter" division again- but this time in her KK d ring instead of the Pelham.

N said she felt a bit more tense, but was light and well behaved enough to earn herself a 3rd in her second round (no placing in the first).

The tension might be more related to Prair trying a different calming supplement (instead of Perfect Prep). So today she's back to the Prep, and we'll see if that lessens her anxiety.

Sounds like she was snoozing at the back gate though and maybe grinding her teeth less?

Either way I'll be there in time to watch her rounds this afternoon and see for myself.

Off we go again!!

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  1. Can't wait for the updates! :)

  2. Haha, I'd be thrilled to be in the top 50% of 50. Glad she is off to such a great start.

  3. I hope you are nabbing some frequent flyer miles!

  4. Safe journey & I hope you have another fun (and satin) filled weekend!

  5. Safe travels!!!

    3rd out of 50 sounds pretty stinken awesome!!


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