Friday, February 14, 2014

Locked and Loaded!

And ready to head south!

We're just heading to the airport ourselves, but it looks like the mare is all loaded up and focusing her energy on getting as attached to her shipping neighbor as possible  (oh goodie).

Prair's on the left, attaching herself to a mare friend.
Personally I think they look adorable in their matching sheets.  Also, Prair's halter is a tad ghetto as the shipping fleecies don't really fit over her big padded halters (either of them). Oops.

Hope the padding is enough on it's own to keep her beak from getting rubbed...

See ya'll on the flip side!


  1. Safe travels to yourself, bump & mare-face!

  2. How exciting! I am so excited that we get to follow your journey at Thermal. Take lots of pictures!! (I think that probably goes without saying...)

  3. Have fun! Can't wait to hear about your adventures!

  4. Have fun, looking forward to updates!!!!

    1. I say this because I am living vicariously through you on this one!

  5. Love the matchy matchy!!

    Safe travels!!

  6. Squeee! Safe travels to everyone! My fuzzies don't fit over my nice padded halter either. I'm sure the padding itself will be just fine :-)


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