Thursday, February 20, 2014

Day One... (Oops)

Well, Prair's calm, cool, collected brain took a day off today and some of her typical stress and anxiety definitely popped back up.

She looked great walking around and standing patiently while the start of her division went, but her warm up over fences looked a bit tense and she never really settled again.

(Hanging out in the shade)

The first round was disappointing. Prair really got upset going in alone and the bank and raised fence at the end of the ring totally wigged her out.

I'm happy with the ride N gave her though, opting to circle and bring her back rather than letting her bomb around and freak out. Prair just looked rather frazzled the whole time. No sign of the rolling rhythm she had schooling on Tuesday.

The second round was much better, maybe because it was in a separate ring without the offending end fence (who knows). She was sill strong and anxious but tried harder

Hoping she relaxes a bit more today for the rest of her division but we'll see!

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  1. I love how your trainer rode her! All of these experiences will make tomorrow a better day :)

    And man, her "bad" rounds makes 98% of the rest of the horse showing world look really bad lol!

  2. Hope she mellows into it! So excited for you two!

  3. She'll settle you guys will be there for a while and by 3rd week she will be a Pro.

  4. I'm glad the second ride was better, but I'm sure the gerbils will go away soon enough and she'll be back to her usual self! :)

  5. She looks good! Much better in the 2nd round :-)

  6. Good luck!! Sorry today wasn't totally fabulous but I'm sure once she settles in it will be great!

  7. Best to get the nerves out of the way early so that horse & riders can sit back relax & enjoy the rest of the show.
    She is such a stunner & a clever clogs...she'll catch on and be a pro in no time..Prair is such a Legend!

  8. Ok, so a few bobbles but she looks really great anyway. She doesn't look like she's zooming around or getting crazy, just a bit tense. N didn't make a big deal about it so I'm thinking Prair won't either very soon.

  9. She makes tense look like a floaty dream! I wish O's tense looked ANYTHING like that!


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