Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Gus' Great Adventure (or moving to a new barn)

Saturday it was Gus' turn to head to a new home, and although he will only be there temporarily, it was more excitement than the old man is used to so as you can imagine he.... didn't really care at all.

The Boy was a trooper and went with me to the barn to clear out my locker (which was a big mish-mash of Gus' stuff plus everything from Prairie's locker that didn't make it to the new place). You truly don't know how many saddle pads you have until your husband looks at you and asks if "this pile should go with the other two piles, or somewhere else."

I like saddle pads.  Colors are fun... and they are cheap enough it never feels like a big expenditure? Good news is we can literally carpet/wallpaper a nursery with the extra pads for cushioning if need be...

Anyway, the whole packing/organizing ordeal went much faster than expected so after we scraped off the outer layer of mud on Mister Gus, we were on the road.

One of the (many) things I love this horse for is the fact that he runs on the trailer.  He doesn't stop, he doesn't sniff, he doesn't do anything except prick his ears, charge onto the trailer and stick his head out the window wondering why we aren't on the road yet.
"why aren't we on the road yet"
Such.  A.  Gem.

Which is why I was slightly alarmed to hear some serious scrambling after being on the road for only a mile or so.

I pulled over, The Boy hopped out and took a peek and confirmed that Gus was in fact upright and on the correct side of the trailer (we no longer assume this to always be the case), but said he was shaking a bit.

Gus doesn't stress out in the trailer so when we got to a better spot I pulled over and checked on him myself.  Apparently the extra two minutes of driving was all it took for him to calm down, but I did see a couple hoof skid marks on the mats so I'm thinking he slipped a little?  No dents or bangs or bodily damage so I patted him on the nose, moved his haybag a little closer (Gus' preferred mode of travel is to sit on the buttbar) and we hit the road.

90 minutes later we pulled into D's place.  Not knowing if she was in the house or in the barn, I opened Gus' window and went off searching.

Great Gus Quality #345:  Stands in trailer while you forget all about him and gossip/catch up/pat noses of other ponies.

When we finally remembered who the star of the day was, we went back to the trailer where Gus was still happily looking out his window and slowly munching hay.

He unloaded like the good boy he is, ate some grass and walked to his new stall totally calm and happy.

Pia on the other hand was none too pleased that someone else was getting attention.  While Gus sat calmly in his stall, the Red Mare proceeded to become more and more agitated (maybe because he was ignoring her?) and threw a bit of a fit.

nose intrusion
Small fit aside, she looks great.  She's kept her weight really nicely this winter and is behaving herself.

Anyway, Gus is joining the herd temporarily.  Since D's own horses have shifted a bit that leaves Pia, another wb mare who she has fallen madly in love with, a charming Haffie gelding and Mr. Gus.

Quite the entertaining bunch.
couldn't take a picture without someone's nose in my face
Gus nose-blocking my shot of the barn...
Finally out of nose range

After a nice dinner out, more catching up and a final check on the ponies, The Boy and I headed back home and literally rolled into bed at 8:45pm (I swear to god it felt like 2am).

I woke up to a series of great texts saying the Gus had a quiet night (slept, drank, ate lots) and had already located the muddiest spot in the pasture to roll in (why do I even wash his blankets..).
Mr Man enjoying his new turf
I probably won't get to go visit again before Thermal, but I'm hoping to squeeze in a trail ride with the big guy before he moves back down here in April.  D's place backs up into all sorts of logging roads and trails and I'd love to get out for a nice spring hack.


  1. I love Gus's nose. He looks super happy, glad it all went well. Those stacks of pads may be handy when baby decides to climb furniture ;)

  2. Happy Gus in a (temporary) happy home!

  3. Oh he looks so tiny and cute in that last one!

  4. Such kissable noses on display in that post!
    Sounds like he's settling in well & will be well looked after :D

    I have the opposite problem to you re:saddle pads...I don't feel like I have enough, and am down to my last two which really need to be added to the pile of "to-be-washed" ones, but as I have to send them away to be cleaned (no washing machine @ yard and not fair on family to wash them at home) I tend to hoard them and send a few at once. Sadly I am now looking down the barrel of the 'need-to-purchase-more' so that I can have clean ones while I send the current grimy lot off to be cleaned!

  5. What a good boy!! But wouldn't expect anything less from him ha!

    PS. I use a saddle pad in the car under the car seat to protect the leather :)

  6. He sounds like a total gem. And so cute. That nose!

  7. I love nothing more than a horse that loads itself and travels quietly. It makes everything SO easy.


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