Friday, April 13, 2012

Frenchie Pin Cushion

I think I mentioned a while back that the Frenchie is having issues with her little hind legs.  She is DEFINITELY more neuralgic than P ever was, but still, we're trying to manage it as best we can.

The real devastation is that most of the damage seems to have occurred when she went under anesthesia for the MRI to find out what was wrong... she woke up 10x worse than she had been and we've been scrapping and yelling to get her back to at least where she was. 

(Note to self, anesthesia has not helped ONE of your animals. Ever.  Not once.)

Anyway, Maisy-dog comes with me every time I go see P and she gets to play around the farm and get some Class IV laser and usually some acupuncture thrown in for good measure.  I had to snap a few shots on Tuesday when I was there.  The puppy was too cute.  She was obsessed with the daffodils and kept sticking her nose on their vase.  No idea what that was about but she's adorable.
flower, flower, flower, flower...
Also, this was the first time we did electric stim with the needles.  I know I love it when I get stim, but Maisy was confused as to why the needles were buzzing. 
still seems normal...
(confused/concerned  ears)
Good little dog.  And she always moves so much better after a treatment... P's spa really does work wonders...

Happy Friday!


  1. You've had an acupuncture treatment? Sweet. I thought horse owners just paid for that for their animals. I never thought about people getting it...

    1. I can assure you that the *only* reason I pay for it for my animals is because I felt like it actually did something for my weird back. prior to that I thought it was just a waste of money (unlike all the other ways I found to empty my wallet on the

  2. Aww sorry to hear she's so much worse after the anesthesia. :( I'm glad the treatments are helping though. She is very adorable.


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