Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Glamour Shots (!!!), cross tie snapping and other fun things

Yup.  Mare is Boss.  Me? we can discuss it later..
 Where to begin, where to begin.  It's amazing how if I miss a few blogging days my little gerbil brain is entirely incapable of remembering much of anything that happened before breakfast...

I know I've seen the mare every day... and I'm pretty sure she was a good girl for most of it.  I'm also pretty sure she was a twit for some of it.. but the details are escaping me.

Aside from a few standout events.

1) P2 learned how to sit down in the crossties.  It took lots and lots of training, but I finally got her to "sit" on command.  Assuming the "command" is clippers on her bridle path.  (dammit).  Never fear.  Due to sturdy German engineering, the pretty new halter survived.  The cheap crossties... not so much.

2) SUPERMOM!!!!!  Supermom came to visit.  You might remember from previous visits that along with consuming wine/champagne/snacks, when Supermom comes someone usually gets their ass kicked.  (the someone is usually P1..) But this time she came armed with her camera and we had a total Glamour Shot session with P2.

3) we rode... several times? This is where my memory fails me.  I know that we had one great ride, one annoying ride, and one ass kicking ride that resulted in P2 remembering how to sit down on her butt (not like in the crossties, but in the good sit-down-lift-dressagey way).  So, for lack of interesting details we will just go back to item numero dos.

2) (again).  So, after a round (or two) of mimosas Supermom and I headed out to the barn to play with P2 and see how much of a supermodel she can be (assuming the correct angles on her ears).

We had a blast.  Thanks to some good coaching/suggestions, Supermom captured some absolutely AWESOME shots of me and the mare.  She's got some serious talent.  If anyone in the Puget Sound region needs portraits of their beast, I highly recommenced you check out her site Impact Decynes & Photography.

The mare and I had fun.  Prairie got her face stuffed with treats as a reward for snuggling with me and putting her ears forward, so I'm pretty sure she thinks this is the best workout ever.   So without further ado, here are a few teasers.  Expect to see nothing but these photos on the blog for... a while :)

She looks all sweet, but she's hunting for cookies..

love this one.  her head looks dainty!

Ears forward courtesy of Dad and a giant bag of cookies

Mare was not excited about bareback...

not sure what the heck her human is doing...

If we were jumping this is the perfect "what's my course" shot...

she fancy

seeing all her toes off the ground like this makes me feel better about struggling with a sitting trot...

playing with lengthenings

Yup.  She's a supermodel.  I can't stop flipping through all the pics and I really can't pick a favorite... which means that The Boy is slowly coming to terms with the fact that our house my just get wallpapered in a ga-zillion giant prints of me and the mare... it could be worse right?


  1. She looks fantastic! From a photographer's standpoint, black horses pose a very difficult challenge. Supermom did an awesome job!

    ps. Also, in the second photo, P2 looks like she's going to grow an arm from her right ear and grab a cookie!

  2. Would P2 kindly come to our barn and speak with my Diva on how to look like a proper dressage horse, please?

    Love the pics!

  3. Wow. You two are just gorgeous. Stunning ladies - both of you!! Love the pics!

  4. You both look beautiful! I know what you mean about the photos, I keep flipping through the ones that Dom took of us and finding new ones I love every time. My home and office may end up covered in Tucker :)

  5. WOW what a NICE NICE horse!!!!!

  6. I need to steal supermom in a few months for some awesome pictures. And man does P2 look B-E-A-UTIFUL?

  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos. P2 is very fancy.

  8. Yep! Officially jealous here! She looks stunning!

  9. I think that I also would be happy constantly flipping through those pictures and she's not even *my* horse. Gorgeous. LOVE the first trotting picture! Will Supermom ever be in the Midwest for any reason??

  10. Wow!!! You both look absolutely fantastic. Second WOW is her trot. Amazing!!!! Supermom did an awesome job on the pictures. I happily look forward to seeing them on the blog for however long you post them. :D


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