Saturday, April 14, 2012

In Remembrance

The horse-world here in Washington is reeling from the shock of losing one of our hometown greats.  Amy Tryon was a complete and total inspiration of how to do things right in this world.  Respected by eventers and non-eventers alike, Amy was proof positive of where dedication, love, passion and a ton of guts can get you.

I only had the opportunity to ride with her once and it was years ago - but her quiet reserve came through in the carefully thought out coaching.  No barking, no yelling, no yammering endlessly.  Just quiet observations and wise suggestions as you passed by.

I have a lot of personal respect for how Amy built her program, her horses and herself.  There are not a lot of people out there capable of taking the path she chose.

So, in this spring sunshine, I remember her, tip my hat and hug my horse - grateful for every day we are allowed with those we love (both horse and human).

Amy and Poggio at Rolex '05
(Aside from being a rare Olympian from this neck of the woods, I always loved following Amy and especially Poggio, the OTTB she bought from one of our employees after his "bad feet" kept him from being a successful mountain trail horse... what a gem.)

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