Tuesday, March 9, 2010

2 days and counting!

I feel like I should have something important to say, but things are pretty much on hold until Thursday when Princess Pia arrives! whee!  Today, the box of goodies arrives and I get to at least paw through that for a while, so that should help calm the anticipation. :)

I've been in total "new-mom-mode," constantly looking at the same three pictures of her on my phone and thinking about goals for the first few months, possible routine changes, examining her feed, etc.  All (of course) without actually having Pia in hand so I really don't have a clue what I'm starting with or how long it'll take for her to settle in to our new barn...

My current plan of action is to let her roam and trot around a bit on Thursday (after unloading), then just groom, put her up in her stall, let her sniff around, and maybe do some groundwork in order to establish our relationship and focus early, as in immediately.  She has such great ground manners with her old mom, that I want to minimize the loss of respect/obedience with a new person.  The good thing is I know that she's capable of being super attentive and aware... so it's not a matter of her capability, but rather not letting her test me too much.

Friday, I'm hoping that she gets some decent turnout so that she's not stir crazy, but I'm planning on another groundwork session, followed by lunging, and if she's calm and happy, a short ride. If she's still in crazy-land, I'll save the under saddle work for Saturday.  Then its the WEEKEND, and I get to play all day with her all I want and make her pretty.

Can't wait, can't wait can't wait.
Here's a pic of her daddy (HS Wistar), just cause I want a pic in the post.... and he's pretty.

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