Monday, March 22, 2010

Pretty Feet

YAY. feet done.  check!

So, as the world of farriers has it, P didn't actually get her toes done until Saturday.  which was supposed to be first thing at 10am, but of course at 11:30 when I had to leave the barn, there was still no farrier so I left her with the trainer and a blank check.

Farrier finally showed up, and first admired how pretty P was before declaring that her feet resembled "clown shoes" or "flippers."  The first farrier who looked at her was (as I described) not exactly subtle or tactful about his opinion on her feet, and seemed to think I was purposely crippling her.  Farrier #2 (trusted long timer) was significantly nicer about it, said nothing was tragic, but was fairly certain that her feet were behind her tight back.

(apparently I'm supposed to try jogging in my dad's size 13 shoes to "get a sense" of what her flippers were doing).  Now, I hate jogging under any circumstance, and certainly don't need to make it more uncomfortable for myself,  but I appreciated the analogy, and it actually gave me a fairly good sense of how it was causing P to hold her back even as a walk.  So, Farrier #2 has a plan for her feet, that will over the next couple of trims, hopefully reduce the resemblance to flippers...

Sunday, I popped back to the barn to scope out the new feet in person and make sure P was being well adored and getting enough time out in the sunshine. Her feet were a little warm (to be expected), so I popped a tiny bit of bute in her, turned her out, let her play, gave her a nice big grooming, some carrots and let her have a happy Sunday. 

Today I'm stuck in board meetings, but the trainer is putting her back under saddle and I am eagerly awaiting a full report.  So sad to be stuck INSIDE on a day like this, but oh well... the weather will only get nicer and more frequent.. right?

Polished toes!

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