Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bad Boots..

Humph.  Totally sad to have discovered that P's pretty purple glittery bell boots are rubbing her. :(  A muddy sand ring isn't helping any, since the sand instantly sticks and turns them into sandpaper, but still...

So, she's off her bells but otherwise great.  Farrier came out to take a look at her feet yesterday and will be trimming her toes tomorrow.  she's definitely ready for a trim.  Her feet look solid, but the clinches are starting to poke up and her toes are a wee bit long.  Farrier gave me this look like I was CRIPPLING her by not having her trimmed already... but I think it was just the typical righteous-weird-farrier look.

We'll see what magic does or doesn't happen after her trim tomorrow...

Yesterday we hacked about 30 min.  She was great, though her stride was a little choppy (maybe because her bells were sanding her skin off..).  Good forward movement, better with her neck and some nice canter work.

Today at lunch I popped by Olson's to return an extra bridle, and bought a new thinline saddle fitter pad (my dressage saddle could use some shimming), some fun extras and some new stable bandages.  She hasn't needed wraps at all... but my old ones are gross, and when you want them, you WANT them.. so I might as well have some good ones on hand.

Anyway, off to the barn for another ride. The sun is shining, and I am happy. :)

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