Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back to Basics

So P is acting like a new horse with her toes all done up. :) which is great.  I'm glad the mystery tight back had an obvious solution.. always makes you feel better.

What doesn't make me feel better is all the g-d d-mn meetings I've had this week that are keeping me from going to the barn after work. (frowny face).  Fortunately, she's been getting lots of rides from S, and seems to be doing great.  Our current "goal" (ignore previously stated goals), is to get P to lengthen her frame and stretch down into the bit before we start to put her together.  She doesn't like contact, and prefers to hold herself upright, which is nice, but she needs some topline, and practice at long-and-low (and opening up her stride), before we start asking her to sit up and really carry herself.

Soo, that being said, I did justify a lunchtime barn run to watch S ride, and I snagged a few vids.  So here's Pia, working on light (pinky) contact, with lots of leg. She tends to object to outside leg.. so that's what causes the little kicks and such.. what a prankster.. I finally have a free night tomorrow (YAY), and get to actually ride her myself (I'm getting a little jealous).

For the record, I felt like a ridiculous owner showing up to watch my horse "get worked" by someone else and then stand around in my work clothes (ok fine, jaeggings and boots..) petting her nose while someone else untacked her.  I certainly won't be making a habit of that.. how do people own horses like that??? It was all I could do not to curry her up and get barn all over me...

(also for the record, to avoid annoying one sided comments from me and the video camera, I've "audio swapped" the videos. I have no idea what music YouTube replaced the sound with, but I'm sure it's lovely.. )

At the Trot:

At the Canter:

look at her back!! it's so much happier! I should have grabbed a video of her cooling out. Her back was so loose and swinging.. great to see.

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