Friday, March 19, 2010


So, yesterday my plan was to hit the barn, poke at P's back and see where things stand after a little bute and day off.... It ended up being a day of small ups and small downs.

small up! - Pia didn't react to me pinching her back

small down - my hip bruise has SOMEHOW blistered. sick.

small up! - P got super groomed and sprayed with all sorts of delicious smelling things.

small down - the farrier blew us off, so no toe trimming

small up! - I threw P on the lunge to see how much she was still holding her back, and she much better

small down - still uber stiff to the right.. but that's mostly normal for her (I think?)

small up! - I got new lotion/conditioner stuff for the skin under her cute lucky knees. I slathered it on for the first time and not only is is not greasy or sticky, but it sorta makes her smell like a coconut. cuter.

With Pia fluffed and buffed, and happily wacking away at the (totally decimated) Lik-it, I called it a day and put her away.  Crossing fingers that our favorite farrier makes it OUT THERE TODAY. for toe trimming so that I can at least cross that off the list of possible causes for our crazy sore back/freakout on Wednesday..

P says that she smells like a tropical fruit

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