Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kid in a Candy Store

Okay.  So I mentally allowed myself $1,000 to spend for upfront 'costs' in getting Pia set up with any necessary gear to get started.  Of course, this begs the question of what "necessary" really is.. but that is a MUCH longer post.

Lucky for me Pia's mom was exceptionally nice and is basically giving me any equipment she has that won't fit her other horses.  Even luckier  for me is the fact that her "other horses" are all little Arabs, and not likely to share much in the way of anything with a 16.2 hulking Warmblood.

So, I'm anticipating a whole slew of blankies (turnouts, rain sheet, stable blankets, sweat sheet, fly sheet and liners) along with a totally functional dressage bridle, some splint boots and whatever else comes a calling.

Basically this took at LEAST $1,000 off my "must buy" list leaving room for the sort of necessities, that, well aren't really necessary, but they sure are nice.

Case in point:  I need  bell boots, but I got purple glitter bell boots.  Why? Because every girl needs a little bit of sparkle.  Plus, they are ridiculous, and let's be honest, Pia and I aren't doing much of anything serious for a WHILE.

What else made the cut? some breeches for me (my current favorite pair is going on 10 years old and well... that's sort of pushing the limits of any apparel that relies on spandex fibers.

Other fun things include some lovely open fronts to match our rear Eskadrons for if we ever do anything spunky, a bigger girth, since Pia is, well, round.  some new saddles pads, new grooming box, fancy new halter and a fun new toy, since I just can't bear the thought of being locked in a box with nothing to do.  So, per her old mom's suggestion I threw in the Likit "Boredom Breaker." I mean why not. there are electrolytes in there! plus it tastes like apple, or banana or something that I'm sure she won't recognize, but its something to nose at, and she is possibly the nosiest mare I've ever met..

Oooh, I also needed a new bit, and while I am obsessed with the double jointed heavy, KK loose ring snaffle for babies, I'm going out on a limb and trynig the new Stubben "golden wings" version.  In theory the "wings" protect from any lip pinching, and it still has the heft of the KK.  It's copper, so it's not show legal, but like I said, I think we've got a while before that's an issue and I'm sure I'll be able to get a new bit by then..

So I think that's mostly it for now.  I'll hit the tack shop next week for some barn supplies and liniment and such, but hopefully I should be able to take care of Miss P when she arrives assuming my big box of goodies doesn't get stuck in a snow storm someplace.... annnd I still have plenty of "set-up" cash left in the coffers...

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