Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March Wrap Up

So, I was away on a business retreat in Idaho for the weekend (doesn't it look like we were working hard??!? cause we were..).  Which meant that I left P home for some rides with the trainer.

Sounds like she was mostly "good," or at least consistent.  She put up her normal fights, especially with regard to getting her used to really consistent leg (she thinks it means go, go GO!). and also reducing the number of bunny hops  when we ask for canter.. 

She's such a sassy-brat. I love it. :)

I'm finally getting back to the barn this afternoon for a lesson and discussion of April goals.  I don't think we got too far on our March ones (wow 3 weeks went fast), but we'll review them tomorrow anyway.

In related news, my visa bill came yesterday (which I have been dreading), but in a surprising twist it wasn't that bad! I was expecting some serious pony-related damage, so it was encouraging to see that I'm not in the poor house..... yet.

But then I realized that my billing cycle ended approximately 2 days before I went hog wild on horse supplies.  WHOOPS. oh well. still better than I expected...

Part of April's goals will DEFINITELY include solidifying my horsey budget and possibly setting up a separate checking account for Pia to hold me to it. 

More tomorrow...

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